Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome! Welcome!

Hi! This is Bronwen. As I sat at the table eating the feast in 2009, I thought about the fact that we don’t get to see each other and hear the news – good or bad - but once a year at the reunion.  I decided that I needed to set up a family blog page so that we can all keep better track of each other. I had just set my own personal blog up and was really getting into it.  So….Ta-Dah!

I am so excited to have OUR blog page up and running!! And it's for all of us. 

Come on over anytime and post when your family has anything major happen!  A new house, birth, a death, a baby born, the teenager FINALLY cleans their room. (That would be major at our house!!) 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in July, and letting you all in on the Family Blog.

So Until…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are photos I took last year at the Reunion.

The new banner!! It looks great!IMGP0705 








the buffet table BEFORE lunch…

and then, the table AFTER…

We sure do a lot of damage on the buffet table!

- - - - - - - - -

Let the games begin!!


The older crowd waiting their turn to play…so patiently!

The younger crowd, playing hard.


Careful! Don’t drop the egg.  You will be disqualified. (Sariah B. and her companion were disqualified)










And the winners of the Junior Division of the Egg Toss Competition. (on left is Miranda B., and a young lady I don’t know on the right.)


The older crowd – still going and going and …nope, it’s over!

The winners of the “Young Adult” and the “Senior” Division of the Egg Toss.

(I can say that because Jeff is my Brother-in-law!)

On the left is Andrew, Angela Z., Jeff Z. and a lady I didn’t catch her name.)


Now, on to the Potato Sack Races….

On your Mark, Get Set…..GO!!!!

The younger kids…

The older kids…

Golf anyone??

While the younger ones splash and swim…

and play “King of the RAFT”

The older crowd plays BINGO.  The prizes are always fun, not always pretty, but fun to open none the less.

Of course – the perfect end to a perfect day, canoeing with the family.  Relaxing on the water. or Paddle boating to the other side and swimming off the boat. Not as relaxing, but it sure is fun!

- Bronwen Zimmerman